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Hi i am trying to let all the posts that user create display at the user page ,so i created a group [ search for user ID ] and repeating group inside ,it works multiple time for me , but when in this page URL it behave in different way ,the URL display this [ 20% ] and the page display nothing , but when i clear the 20% from the URL ,the page display correctly , what i am missing please advice

Why are you using the ID that way? Couldn’t you just use “Current User” or “Current Page User?”

Thanks Andrew for the reply , can you please explain more … i am using this way because it was successfully to me until now :
1- i took advantage from the user ID so i created this Group as above in the screen shot
2- i created repeating group contain info related to user and collection [ user-collection ] ,check the screen shot
3- I add External Link with the : [ Wanted Page URL + ?ID=parent group’s user’s ID ]

At a high level, each page has a “type” you can assign to it. For example, let’s say you have a Profile page. You can set it’s type to “User.” Let’s say you are visiting Jacob’s Profile. Here’s how it can work:

  1. You are on your friend’s list page
  2. You have a list of your friends
  3. You click on Jacob’s name
  4. You navigate to the “Profile” page
  5. In the navigation option, you use the “send additional data to page” feature to specify: Current Cell’s User
  6. The Profile Page loads with all of Jacob’s data

You don’t have to worry about ID’s or any of that, you just send the specific user to the page and then, when building, you can reference “Current Page’s User” for all your dynamic data.

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Just to clarify the “%20” part, when you created the parameter, you likely inadvertently added a space after “ID”

Since spaces aren’t valid characters in a URL, the application has to “encode” this character in a readable format. %20 is how a space is encoded.

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