Using groups instead of pages

Please help

Im using groups instead pages to display different pages of my app.

the problem im facing.

i have a repeating group of a list of users. each row has a button to navigate to that users profile group. Ive used a workflow to display the users profile group, but i cant figure out how to display the information in that user profile group for each user.

Make the profile group of type “user”. Populate with the display action for groups

Hello @cmarchan. Thank you for your replay.

The profile group is type user. Current user fileds are displaying, but if the current user clicks the (view profile) of another user, the information that is displayed is the current users information.

If the user logs out, the profile groups information is blank.

Ive tried using the parent group user option as well, but that also didn’t seem to work.


The users data type can get confusing.

Perhaps you sent the “current user” to that profile group. Consider sending “current cell’s user”.

@cmarchan . Thank you for the speedy reply. Dont have the option of ‘Current cells user’ ?

Choose parent groups user. Hopefully you sent the current cell user from the repeating group to that profile page.

@cmarchan . i tried the parent group. didnt work. seems as though the current cells user option only displays for repeating groups.

Would this (Hopefully you sent the current cell user from the repeating group to that profile page.) need to be done in the workflow, at only when section?

As mentioned, I’m using layer groups, not pages.

The concept of passing data is important. You can pass data from page to page or from one element to another element inside a page.

Bubble put together an excellent series of short videos to build a small app the shows this and many other concepts that are useful.

This is another useful video

@cmarchan . Thank you. I’ve watched all these videos, but it’s more about pages, not groups used as pages.

@cmarchan .I’ll watch parent group videos. Thank you.

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@cmarchan Thank you for the above. Issue solved and learnt a few more things.

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