Get item at position in a list

Hi everyone,

First time posting in the support forum but i’m really stuck atm. I get a call from my API returning this response (as sample) :

    "NAME": "Ankka",
    "ADDRESS": "37 Avenue de la Grande-Armée, 75116 Paris",
    "LATITUDE": 48.875099,
    "LONGITUDE": 2.289164,
    "IMG_URL": "",
    "SCHEDULES": [
            "DAY": 1,
            "START_1": "11:30:00",
            "END_1": "15:00:00",
            "START_2": null,
            "END_2": null

Everything is fine when initalizing API Connector but it seems that I can’t retrieve item#position in this list… I managed to search for a value in the items of the SCHEDULES list like that :

But the following doesn’t work :

Can someone help me ?


Any help ?

One idea - if you use a search for then you can grab :item #1. I suspect there are other solutions as well.

This is the problem, when I grab item #1, all the values of this item are empty …

Are you storing this data in your database? Or, somewhere client side?

I’m getting these datas from an API call but not storing it actually.

Still nothing guys ? :slight_smile: