Get items from a list

I need help to get the number of specific item from a list.
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Dropdown 1: select a field from list of each item in first Colomn A
Es: i choose A2

Dropdown 2: I would like to search from list of item in colomn B and row selected in dropdown 1.
Es: I would like to choose one of item between rowA2.1 ecc.

Then, I need to know the number of item choosed in dropdown 2
ex. If i choose rowA2.2 (item#2) the number would be: 2
And i want to show this number in the input field

With this number I can get the same number of item (es. item#2) of each colomn, isn’t it?

yes, if you extract the value as a number and it is 2 and you then find the 2nd item in each column those items should also be 2

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