Return the index number of an item in a list


I am trying to create a dynamic text box that displays the nth number of an item in a list. The item that we want to evaluate is given by a drop-down input.


List of numbers:
5, 3, 2, 1, 1.

Drop-down input=2.

I want a dynamic text box to return “3” since number 2 (selected in the drop-down input) is the 3rd item in the list.

I would appreciate any help to do this. Thanks in advance!

Do a search for: Numbers:Item#(Dropdown’s value)

hi @robert , is there a way to find INDEX number of a specific item in a List Field ?

For ex. - There are 2 lists : List A (Case-Numbers) & List B (Dates). Now, we want to check ‘Case_Number’ from List A, & then Fetch its ‘Date’ from List B. How can this be done?