Get Onesignal PlayerIDs with

Hi everyone,

It is now possible to send a push notification to a specific user on Bubble via Nativator. appends the playerid to the converted app url, from which you can extract and save during sign up (or login). Parameter must be: playerid (text) - Make sure your signup pop is on the same page (submitted url to Nativator).

Once saved in your database, use any onesignal plugin offering ´send by device ´ option to automate your push notifications. Ideal for reminders, social media, chat app, delivery app etc

Note that you will need to configure your own Onesignal account and setup android and iOS platforms based on a specific package id (or bundle id) first to generate the APP IDs which will be used during conversion.

Ideate, Nativate.

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Looks good. Could this be used to create user specific pop ups (instead of notifications)?

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Thanks for the comment, the player ID is used for push notifications via OneSignal.

We don’t offer customized native alerts so far but you have the possibility to setup Bubble pop alerts on the web app. It does the job.


Could you indicate the name of a onesignal plugin, and the name of its creator, so that it is a plugin that works as an ‘end by device’?

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We tested Copilot one successfully. We’re also developing our own Plugin for more Push features.


I just completed the entire installation of the plugin, however, I am unable to capture the “playerid” at the time of registration.

Editor’s link:


Please reach us via our live chat support for details.


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Did you manage to get the player id? I’m also trying but without success

Hi guys,
Writing here since I can’t get any answer from nativator support (chat nor contact form)
Our app doesn’t send anymore Push notifications to iOs users?
Any idea/ tricks/ help?
Many thanks