OneSignal Set Tag on user with Player ID

I need to set Data Tag on OneSignal user from bubble, but this is for a mobile app, so I need to use PlayerID. I can’t do it with any plugin I found in bubble. I would love to use the official plugin. There is no option to send notification using PlayerID and other plugins, causing my app to crash on notification redirect to the app. So I want to send notification from official plugin based on Tag but to put Tag, and I need to put bubble user-id as Tag in OneSignal PlayerID. Problem is that I’m not technical preson, so I don’t know how to do it.

Hello, offers an easy way for this:

Hi! Thank you for the info. I got it working with WebViewGold wrapper. Its got OneSignal SDK with the app, and it putting PlayerID in URL so you can retrieve it with Bubble.

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