Get results from api based on the 'page' api parameter

I have created an endpoint for my bubble app, where I get the data from the database.

Now, in the API connector I want to have a ‘page’ parameter that tells the api to return:

  • items 1-10 if page = 1
  • items 11-20 if page = 20
    … and so on.

I searched for pagination and similar topics but couldn’t find an answer.
Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?

thanks in advance

Hi @sensei01 :wave:

Did you already see the API documentation?

By default, all GET requests return the first 100 items in the list. Our API supports the parameters cursor and limit for pagination. Use limit to specify the number of items you want in the response. The default and maximum allowed is 100. Use cursor to specify where to start.

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