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API limit on items?


I’m calling my own Bubble app to get items from one DB table into another table.

I am trying to GET around 200 items, yet each call only brings in 100 items.

Is there a limit here on how many items I can do this for at one time?


There is, but then you can do another call to get the following entries. Loading too many items at once is too slow, serious APIs don’t do this. Look for the cursor entry in the result.

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My call is for admin/data cleaning functions in a data-based app so however slow it is is infinitely faster than the alternatives. Also loading items in batches as you recommend seems slower than loading all items at once, no?

In any event, can you tell me what the limit is?Then I can just calculate it without looking for cursors.


You can see this here

(the type is a bit strange (bold), we’ll fix this today…)