Get rid of demo version

How do I get rid of the demo version?
Do I need to switch to “professional”?
I paid a personal use so far but I have this message saying that it’s “disabled for demo”.

What do you mean demo version?

Are you referring to a template that maybe has that worded somewhere? Are you referring to your app in the address bar where it says ‘version-test’? Screen shots would help as bubble doesn’t put up any ‘demo version’ nomenclature.

Thanks. I added a screen shot.

Probably need to uncheck ‘this button is disabled’. Double click the button to bring up the settings. There may also be a workflow that is disabled, simply clicking on the workflow will allow you to enable it again.

It’s when I’m on the live webiste. I don’t have these messages on the edit page.
There’s maybe something that I need to disabled in the workflow but I can’t see it.

Have you deployed your app to live?

The red text is probably a hidden collapsible element. Check for that. For the button, check the conditionals.

yes I have

I mean I have deployed.
I don’t know whre to check for “a hidden collapsible element”.

In the element tree.

near the top left of the editor you can search for elements.

Search for popups and you’ll find that popup.

Edit: Oh I see it’s not the popup but rather the text. Type that text in there and you’ll find it easy as well.

Thank you.
I found what you meant but the text doesn’t appear in the editing section.
Only when the website is live.
See below:

In your last image, at the top left see where it says “pop pup add a service”

Click that and you can search for “features disabled for demo” and it should find that exact element.

Or in the elements tree, you can press the + next to “all elements” to expand and see all the things on the page and find what you want manually.

(And you can hide the pop ups in the editor by pressing the eyeball to the right of the pop up name in the elements tree)

I’ve opened them all (all the +) and none of them mention a demo opt out.
It doesn’t even appear on the edit part.
Only on the live website.

You could share your editor with me if you like.

Did you buy this template? They should explain how to remove this thing if you’ve bought it. Maybe it’s coded in.

You mean taking a picture of the editor or actually adding you as editor?
I’m not sure I can do the second version with my subscription.
I have the personal plan.
And yes, I bought the template.

I’d reach out to the template builder to see how to remove the notice.

Ok. thank you. :slight_smile:

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