Get searchbox to reject invalid entries

Hi, I have a searchbox that shows a dropdown of various fields in the the DB. I want the searchbox to show a google popup that says the searchbox value is invalid and must be changed to one of the dropdown values.

For example: I have a search box that when you type in fruit (i.e. banana) the dropdown shows various fruits that have similar spelling. If I select ‘banana’ from the dropdown and then manually change ‘banana’ in the searchbox to ‘banan’ I want bubble to not accept it and tell the user to change the value back to one of the database field options. Because the search box value is not the same as the fruit data base field.

Does anyone know how to do this? Any help is greatly appreciated!!

If you use a searchbox element and set the list of options to be dynamic content, then the value of that searchbox will either be empty, or a value from the list.

You can use a “when searchbox’s value is changed” workflow with the condition only when searchbox's value is empty → show the popup.

Awesome! thanks for the help @sam.morgan!