Search box to database problem (is this a bug?)

Hey there,

could somebody please have a quick look at this example?

Whenever you type something into the search box, it will be added to the “table_of_fruits” database table. And therefore it will appear in the repeating group next to the search box.

However - this will not happen if you type “apple” or “banana” into the search box. The difference is: “apple” and “banana” are entries in the “fruits” database-table.

Is this a bug?

I am not able to reproduce this. What is your desired behavior?

I want to add “apple” to the list.

Whenever I type “apple” into the search box and press enter, nothing happens. When I type “orange” - it appears in the repeating group next to the search box.

keep in mind you have both typed text and value in a search box and they are not the same thing. One is literally a simple text, the other is an object value of whatever thing you are searching.

I made some very inefficient adjustments to your workflow to show how that works.


Oh wow! You are right. Thank you for editing my workflow. I will try to understand what you did there.

I am pretty new to this whole thing and have to learn all the basics … :wink:

Thanks alot.

I’ve been there, my friend. It’s overwhelming at first but you’ll get there. Just keep plugging at it. I rearranged the workflow just slightly so it makes a little more sense. The basics of it are to check first if there is a value in the search box or if there is not one.

If there is a value, set your searches up to look for matches with This searchbox’s value’s food_name.

If there is not a value, set your searches up to look for matches with This searchbox’s typed text.

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I notice that there is no typed text option when searching geographic addresses?

I’m not sure how to deal with this. (if a client enters their home address that doesn’t appear on google maps, it’s sending the incorrect value to my database.)


@jeffmccutcheon, I have a support email thread going with @malcolm about this. I am having a rough time trying to reconcile:
the text I actually type in a search box,
the options output in the dropdown below the search box,
and the actual value that is automatically selected by a geographic search box when the box is unfocused, or another operation is performed, like your app sending an address to a database.

(Typed text is ‘san’, dropdown shows ‘Santiago’, actual value is ‘San Diego International Airport’)

I’d like to see ‘typed text’ exposed in the case of geo searches, if possible.

I think it might be possible to find this exposure using regular inputs and groups, but the search box has a lot of great features, like typeahead, tab and arrow keys functionality, and the built-in dropdown, that I’d like to avoid cobbling together myself.

you can get the typed text out of zeroqode’s fastest google autocomplete plugin

Ah, thanks! Looks like that plugin does use a regular bubble input, but ties it to the official Google Places dropdown.

@jeffmccutcheon, with the input box, were you able to get a handle on the text to compare it to the autocomplete, and throw errors like “this address is not found on google maps”, as you mentioned over here?

Any idea how good the search customization is with the plugin? The client-side aspect seems to default to presenting search results from my local area first.

truthfully, I haven’t figured it out yet. If google maps can’t find anything it does allow me to save the the typed text (which I can’t do on bubble’s map so that’s an advantage)

I have a workflow setup to save the typed text as the address – unless autocomplete finds something at which point I save that as the address. This works pretty well (if the autocomplete find nothing then it doesn’t overwrite)

The problem occurs when you use a bad house number with a street that actually exists.

Example: if I type in 222 Lola Way (this address doesn’t exist, but the street does) – it erroneously shows 222 Lola Way, Columbus, OH, USA in the auto complete and lets me select it and shows it in the search box as though everything is A-okay. However since there is no 222 lola way it SAVES “Lola Way, Columbus, OH, USA” as the autocompleted address (despite showing me 222 Lola Way in the search box)

This seems to be the way google maps functions so I doubt there’s anything zeroqode will do


I wasn’t able to figure out how to get a handle on the input’s typed text vs the value. But the separate GoogleAutocomplete element doesn’t seem to hold a value until something is specifically selected from the places dropdown, so I just disallow submitting to the database until that selection is made, and the value created.

That beats the standard geo search box for me, which sets its value on unfocus.