Get the name of a reusable element

Hi guys.
I’m struggling since 2 days by trying to get the name of my reusable element.
Basically let’s say I created a reusable element and called it “myelement”

Then when I use it inside of a page, by doing so, it comes up with the name "myelement A"as you can see in its properties panel:

And in my reusable element’s workflow I’d like to “create thing” in my database and give that reusable group’s name as value. So at the end, I would have a cell in my database which contains “myelement A”
By setting the content type as “text”

I can see it in my database field, but it only has the state “text”.

I was expecting to see here any elements, having a state like “name” for example.

Anyway do you know how to get the name of myelement please?

It looks like there’s no way to get it. And btw it appears to be the same situation for all other elements too.
I mean if I have a text element for example and I want to get it’s name (or it’s content) inside of an input element through “dynamic data”, it’s not visible/searchable in “Initial content” field. Why?

Thank you!

Hi @science.and.hightech,

In general, no, you don’t have access to element’s names like that - where you want to use them as dynamic values. This is true for anything related to your app’s architecture. You don’t have access to the internal names you give your elements, workflow events, workflow actions, workflow folders, data types, fields, etc.

If you are able to anticipate what these names are within a user’s experience, then you can use custom states to set those values and then use those for saving elsewhere.

Thank you for this clear explanation @romanmg!
Too bad there is this limitation/restriction. But at least I can move on on this now.

Thanks again.