Can a reusable element like a header nav show text data from the current page?

Hi everyone, I have a reusable element that is basically my page header, so it has the app name, navigation menu and so on, which is applied on every page of my app.

Is there any way to have it show data FROM the current page? What I basically want, is say I’m on a Lead with page name lead_details, I want a text field on the header nav to say “Lead : Company Name” with the company name being pulled from the current page’s company_name field under the Lead.

I’m able to use conditions to have it say “If the current page name is lead_details” then set this text to “Lead:” but when clicking insert dynamic data, I’m not sure if there’s a way to apply the company name to the end, or if a reusable element like that can show data from the page it’s on if that makes sense?

One common way to exchange information between reusable elements and the page, is to use a state on the reusable element. What you can do in this case is to set up a custom state of type LEAD on the Reusable Element, and on the page load of lead_details, you set this custom state to the Lead loaded on the page.


@lmoreau Yes, it can. @romanmg did something like this for me.