Get User's IP Address Without Relying on Plugin?

Can it be done? I want to capture my user’s IP addresses when they sign the terms of use.

Are we trying to solve the right problem here?

Hi redvivi, I am not sure of the intent of your question; please clarify.

Not sure if it will work so you’ll just have to try it:

Make a backend workflow, change it to “Detect request data”, check the box for “Include headers” then do “Detect data”

Setup an API call in another tab to that backend workflow (with /initialize at the end) with no headers and check the box to do it directly from browser.

Initialize the API call

Then go to the backend workflow and add the “Return data from API” action, and return the connecting-ip and country if you want.

Then reinitialize so the API call knows it will be receiving those values

Since it has to be as Data you can just use that as the data source for when you are logging the IP address

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