Get Week, Month, and Year

Im in the process of creating a project management system and I want user to be able to see lists such as projects due today, projects due this week, or month.

How do I filter a repeating group based on the current week or current month? I know I can use the created date and the current date, but Im struggling on how to find the actual week or month (for that matter also past weeks and months or future weeks and months for reporting).

Hey Brian!

We have tools that work on dates like the :extract operation, and all the date modifiers that let you create dates for comparison. It is important to remember that all dates in Bubble are datetimestamps, so both date and time.

Here’s one way to do the current month:

For the current week my example is a bit more complicated as we can’t combine all this into one expression in the constraints.

So we use a couple expression elements from the free Toolbox plugin that would sit outside of the repeating group:

Then the actual search for the rg:

You can then use this approach to calculating all kinds of ranges. Here’s some reference material on date types that might help.

Good luck!


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Ken Truesdale


Thank you for the amazing explanation and solution Mebeingken!

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