Getting a group to start floating but only after a certain scrolling position

I would like for a group to start floating above the page, but only after a certain scrolling position has been reached. Before then the group would be a normally positioned group.

I have achieved this behavior using the combination of a normal group which disappears at “Scrolling position > X” and an identical floating group which appears at that same scrolling position. This feels suboptimal and is generally a nightmare because the elements are different and the workflows need to be repeated. I used custom wfs to make developing easier but this means that there are three times as many wfs.

Any suggestions for a better/more conventional way to do this?


That’s pretty much the standard way to do it (at least with vanilla Bubble)…

What/how many workflows are you talking about? Using custom events (as you are) should keep things nice and clean and simple…

Also, you can place the content of the original group in a reusable element to avoid having to duplicate elements and workflows.

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