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Getting a list of things not working

Hi Everyone,

The process I am trying to follow is this:

  1. Catch a data payload out of hubspot using a webhook.
  2. Use a field in that payload utm_source to search for a user in the Bubble Database, by the database field affiliate_utm_source.

I am currently using the Data API GET method for the obj user, so my base URL is:

The query parameters are set according to the Bubble Tutorial here: Data API - Bubble Docs

I am getting a 200 response, but the body is empty, and the headers are indicating no users found. Meaning that it is not finding any users with that value in the field.

Am I setting up the constraints correctly?

Check that you don’t have any spaces on the value, from the screenshot seems to be one space after the opening " and another one before the closing ".

Have you checked the call on postman?

Yeah, tested in Postman. Same response.

Screenshot 2021-09-03 at 09.38.37

Found the error. It seems to have been something to do with the + value in the field that was causing it not to be indexed.

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