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Getting data from an External API call and the database to both display in a RG

I have data from an external API that needs to be matched with database data in a repeating group. It is currently working for the API call and loads quickly. Im wondering how I could get the uploaded data to smoothly display alongside.

Some background is this is a PFM app that displays the users transactions. The external API pulls transactions from the users bank, and comes back with a lot of data. I am allowing users to upload CSVs of transaction history as an alternative to bank sync, and would like both data types to coexist in the RG.

Wondering how to do this

Currently I save the API call to a custom state list, and display that data. This is in the datatype of the API call. both data sets will have common fields of amount, description, category and date.


An RG can only have one data source at a time.

You could run a once per day recurring workflow to pull in new API data and save what pieces you want to capture to the datatype…similar to how QB or Xero do it. In many use cases transaction data that is a day behind is acceptable to the user. Or you could run the recurring WF more frequently if required.

Thanks! I hadn’t thought of that. Thankyou

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