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Getting sequence of work flows wiser

While I’m adding several security verifications before important user’sactions, it’s getting more and more difficult to keep workflows clean and readable.

Here an illustration of reccurent processes. Let’s say I need to do some verifications before I create a new Order. So the basic sequence is Verification_1 > Verification_2 > Create new Order.
If these verifications identify a problem, I usally display a warning popup.

To do this, ss there another way than this following process ?

Workflow1 :
Trigger Worflow2 when (Verification_1=true)
> Trigger Workflow3 when (Verification_1=false)

Workflow 2 : Warning pop-up for Verification_1

Workflow 3 :
Trigger Worflow4 when (Verification_2=true)
> Trigger Workflow5 when (Verification_2=false)

Workflow 4 : Warning pop-up for Verification_2

Workflow 5 : Create new Order !

Workflows are getting laborious and each verification has to been write twice (not wise code - often inverting AND / OR when there are several conditions for a verification).

To keep this idea of sequencial workflow, have you thought to a checkbox “Stop this worklow when it is…true/false” for “Trigger an event” and “Trigger an event from a RE” actons ?

Then in my case I would write only once each verification conditions and it’d be easier to program :

Workflow1 :
Trigger Worflow2 when (Verification_1=true & Stop this worklow when it is true)
> Trigger Worflow3 when (Verification_2=true & Stop this worklow when it is true)
> Create new Order !

Workflow 2 : Warning pop-up for Verification_1
Workflow 3 : Warning pop-up for Verification_2

Thks for telling me your thoughts about it.

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2 months later, still thinking again about it, I guess a better idea would be a new Custom Event action like

is true, Trigger WORKFLOW A
is false, Trigger WORKFLOW B

it would not reduce the amount of Workflows for the exemple above, but would reduce the number of logic conditions needed to write so it would be easier to keep current.