Getting the count of a specific datatype and excluding ones that were created by the same user

I’m trying to display data of a conversion rate. I have a data type called “page view” which collects data when a page is viewed. I have a second datatype that collects data when an action is taken from that page.

I currently have the “total page” view count divided by the action to get the conversion rate. I need to only count a view if the current user has not viewed the page before. So something like…

Do a search for: page views ( then if the user it was created by has more than one page view, exclude those page views) :count

Does anyone know what I would need to enter to finish this formula?

Hi there, @cohereandnow… if I understand your post correctly, can you add the :group by operator to the end of the search for page views expression in order to group the search by creator and then do the count?