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Count of each users' orders

So I am trying to display a list of all users’ number of orders. The User data type has a linked data type of placed orders. For example:
User A has 0 orders
User B has 3 orders
User C has 2 orders

I want to display this as 0, 3, 2. The method I am trying is:

but that returns blank.

I tried doing this:

And that returns something but it repeats for every user’s order i.e. as per the example above:
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Any idea how to get what I need?

Yeah you can’t do this in a single vanilla Bubble expression (it’s stupid, but it’s just a limitation of how Expression Builder decides when it’s done with the expression). I keep meaning to introduce a plugin for this with an easy interface, but in the meantime, file a bug report with Bubble, because you should really be able to get the listwise count (individual lengths) of a list of lists. I mean, what else would “Some List’s Field of List Type’s :count” mean if not a numeric list of the individual lengths of each list? (So fucking stupid.)


Thanks for that explanation @keith. I just sent in the bug report.

If I understand you correctly, and you’re only trying to display the orders one after another, then this is a suggestion to how to do it:

Search for Users:format as text
format as text expression: This user’s placed orders.:count
Delimiter: ,


That worked!! Thanks so much

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