GIF always taking its sweet time

Hey guys, so I have this animated Gif image that plays a confetti animation when the popup shows. However it always seems to take like 5 seconds to load. People are gone before they even see it. Why is is doing this and how can i make it load faster? Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 5.19.51 pm

Hey bro, Have you tried compressing the GIF? You can use VEED, It is free. Hope this helps you.

You should try store the gif as an option set

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It’s 200 kB size. Is that big enough to make it slow af?

It’s only a 211 kB file, I have other pages with multiple larger image files and they load in instantly so i don’t think the file size is the issue. Could it be something to do with the file TYPE (gif)?

Thanks but this doesn’t seem to have helped. Maybe it’s a little faster though.

EDIT: we all good; near-instant load in

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