GIFs not working correctly? It might be the IMGIX

I noticed that all of my GIFs were displaying strange on Bubble. Basically, multiple frames of the GIF appear simultaneously, which ruins the animations.

I reached out to support and got a solution–once again–from Sofia.

Apparently, some aspect of the IMGIX compression (? is it compression?) causes this behavior.

Add the following to the end of your image’s file path in the editor, and it will resolve:



I have the same problem! Need fixing!!

Vía Sofía from support:

"This is actually working as intended given the imgix compression.

You can ignore imgix auto-compression by adding ?ignore_imgix=true to the end of the s3 link for the dynamic image field. Here is a screenshot of this added in a test environment for your reference:"


Worked like a charm! Thanks!!