Poor dynamic image quality, not fixed by &ignore_imgix=true

I’m getting low quality / highly pixelated images only when using the dynamic image data source. The images span across the entire page so the poor quality is prominent. I’m using image as a background of a Group.

Using a static image quality is good (my use case requires dynamic image however)
Tried both variations of &ignore_imgix=true ?ignore_imgix=true , but no improvement
Tried variations of centering, crop, rescale, making as wide as parent, etc., no improvement
Tried replacing the Group element with background image with an Image element, no improvement

Seems that bypassing imgix has worked for others, but not sure why it’s not working here? Thanks for any advice!

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Worked with support and found that the discrepancy in image quality was due to how the image was added to the Bubble DB. Static Image was uploaded via the Bubble Editor and Dynamic Image was uploaded using a PicUploader element.

The PicUploader element had the “Limit file size…” box check which degraded the image files and that caused poor resolution. All great now.

Although somewhat frustrating to spend time testing all this only to find it a simple mistake I made, it’s always great to find that the resolution was a misconfigured feature provided by Bubble, and not a limitation at all!