Give us proper API access to meta data and schedule data

Rather than wait for Bubble up update the data tab (which is, at best, slow and inconsistent) to something that is workable at volume (and we are only talking 1000 rows that I playing with today, it has taken most of the morning) - maybe we could have proper access to the meta data for an app ?

Bubble’s Swagger and the /meta feed are not consumable by Bubble itself, because they contain lists.

Surely it cannot be that hard to pull back a list of tables for an app. And for each table a list of fields ?

That way we could build a flexible data management front end. MySQL has one, MongoDB has one …

Maybe we could “open source” it.

Whilst we are at it, if we could have API access to the schedule data, it would be nice to build something a little more user friendly.


Hear, hear! This would be really something. I got stuck a couple of times with migration and other activities where data management is of the essence.

Yesterday I had some spare time and did some experiments using the HTTPRequest in plugins, trying to use Data APIs in that way. It probably can be done, and then I bumped into the async nature of these calls.

But I’m not sure how to continue, since architecturally this belongs to the back-end server side, except for the GUI that we need for that - so, should we wait for server plugins, or what…? API and SQL connectors are on the server side (I presume), and they are capable of declaring their own data types.

Can’t we display everything thats in the database on our own frontend? By doing searches and repeat groups?

Displaying data is one thing, managing (massively deleting, for instance) is another, and Data Tab | App Data has observable troubles, although this is not exactly reproducible (I mentioned some troubles with that some weeks ago and even reported a bug, and others reported problems today).

I suppose that the bulk operations are being executed on the server, but if we call these functions which are being run on the thing-by-thing basis from Bubble application or Bubble editor which are basically HTML clients, this is not robust enough.

On the other hand, you cannot get the list of all data types / tables that you have in your app - I mean, programmatically, to develop a ‘data management’ page by yourself.

You can achieve mass-deleting by creating an action to delete a list and then via a search.

For example delete all users with a button:

I get that the Database view is buggy/ slow but I guess i’m trying to say you can recreate that view with most functions yourself. I am not a super-techy user tho, so maybe I am missing something more complex. (probably the case :slight_smile:

Yes, you can do that, but it’s not 100% reliable. And there are other actions, like importing data. One of my cases had more than 85k of things…

For that I finally used Talend Open Studio. Since Bubble is intended for non-programmers, the challenge is how to provide easy and yet reliable functionality for that…


It times out. I am currently deleting 1000 rows 100 at a time … otherwise it won’t work.

But yes, you can create a data admin page per app … and I have done. But it would be smarter to do it once.

To me, the data area is Bubble’s #1 weakness currently, borderline unusable. I always suspected it had something to do with wanting to make the claim that “Bubble itself is built on Bubble” – but clearly Bubble isn’t meant to display/browse/manipulate thousands of records at once, so if there was ever a place to just punt that claim, it would be to give users a proper database management tool.

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I totally get the frustration. But I think Bubble’s main claim is to get you to MVP (crazy fast) to validate an idea or help a small business owner take control of a particular process etc.

Once you start crunching vast amounts of data and some more heavy lifting is required- it’s probably time to move onto a new stack and maybe hire an engineer. (and probably celebrate your success :slight_smile: )

I think if Bubble spent too much time pouring resources into features for tech-oriented/ data heavy users (probably 1%) then it loses its purpose. Maybe?


Bubble has to find a solution for their customers with faster api response and workflow execution speed needs.


Bubble has to find a solution for their customers with faster api response and workflow execution speed needs.

yes it needs! My app will be useless if the speed issue is not fixed.

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I would like to see Bubble grow and continue to support its customer’s Apps. I don’t see the point in starting out on Bubble and then having to go back down the traditional dev route - in my view that is just a waste of my time! That being said, the challenge for the bubble team is to make this a possibility!



If you can’t scale on Bubble beyond your MVP, then that will be very sad.

I don’t believe this is the case however.


Depends on what you need to do to scale. Bubble can’t do analysis and reporting on the data it stores, it’s just CRUD, so if you need analysis/reporting you have to look outside.

Yep I have to agree!! Bubble really needs to do some work on data aggregation and facilitating better App repoting. Surprising really given how much data is driving today’s app devepment! We can only hope they are listening😜