Backend database view


I was wondering if there will be any time soon an update to manage the backend database mainly in the appdata. I don´t know if it´s just me but I´m finding a bit difficult to make searches, bulk edit, … also it would be nice that the data on the DB in the appdata panel doesn´t cut off the content (I would suggest to see the data vertically or something).

I´ve to say that Bubble is awesome and it will be so nice that the appdata will be as easy as the builder.

If you have any thoughts about this, please share them because maybe I´m missing something.

Thanks a lot to all.

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We should probably do an overhaul, not the first thing on the list though.


That would be nice.


If people have some ideas happy to take them.

I used to use an OS X tool called Sequel Pro, for managing mySQL databases.

Could you allow access to the “schema” somehow, so you could point a generic tool at your Bubble data apis ?

So a way to access tables without having to know the table name ? If that makes sense ?

Can you be more specific? With an example?

I just meant that as we can access data with …

If there was a way to list out all types and then for the type, all the field names … we could create a back end viewer that you could enter your app name and token and it would access the data.

So a Bubble App for accessing Bubble Data.

Hello @emmanuel

As ideas we´ve this ones:

  1. Bulk editing: in the appdata the table of thing should have checkboxes on the left of each line to select the line and on top of the table to have an edit button where you can set a field´s value even with some constrains. Then with a button you could submit the new data into the field.
  2. Delete fields: same as bulk edit, with checkboxes to delete whatever line we want and even if we want to delete everything on the table.
  3. When the data on a field is too large, not cut off but adjust in a few lines so we can see the whole thing not just the beginning.
  4. Conditional rules on fields: so for example I just want to set a value of a particular field based on other fields value without having to set a workflow for that.
  5. Have the possibility to reorder the columns on the appdata table. Sometimes you need to check fields that are related to each other so it will be nice to have the possibility to reorder so you can see them.

I don´t know if that´s what you meant by ideas. Let me know and I´ll try.

Thanks a lot for listening.


We’ll actually push something that exposes that pretty soon (in one or 2 weeks).


Awesome !

So if you do

You’ll see the exposes types of your app (this is for a bigger feature we’ll announce very soon).


How does this work ? Do you do it as part if the App Connector ? Or is it an API call with authorisations etc ?

You can do this from anywhere, without authentication. Try it replacing appname by something relevant.

“get”: [],
“post”: [],
“types”: {},
“app_data”: {
“appname”: “holiblogs”,
“favicon”: “//

Right. So your app right now doesn’t have API workflows and doesn’t expose data types.

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Although … rather annoyingly the bubble data data … isn’t particularly parsable by bubble itself.

It is, through the App connector

I meant that if you call that API via the API connector the data you get back doesn’t parse well back into Bubble. So you can’t get a list of Tables with fields for example.

Will check out the App Connector instead. Thanks.

Question on database views:

When I look at a particular table in the App data view, I most often don’t see all the data fields. For example, I am working with my main table, which has 10 data fields, but I can only see 7 in the view. Some fields that I can’t see definitely have data in them.

Occasionally if I mess around with resizing the columns in the view a “hidden” column will reappear, but it generally feels like something is wrong and Bubble is having trouble showing Tables properly.