Giving numbers to types

So I have a list of Posts sorted by upvotes. I want the most upvoted to have the rank 1, the second most upvoted to have the rank 2 and so on until the last one has the biggest number.

Any Ideas?

2 Solutions come to mind:

  • Store the number of upvotes on each post itself, then in the RG that displays the list of posts do a search and sort by number of upvotes.
  • Do a nest search which is a bit slow to load on the page. Do a “Search for Posts with a Sort by: Search for Upvotes per Post: Count”

My plan with that is when the user scrolls, every time the user scrolls 100 pixels, one of the posts appear. I’ll use math so it is equal to rank. Also, I wanted the posts to be overlapping, or else it looks bad.

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