Go back functionality in native app design

How do i go to D from C. My back button allows me to go just back to B from C.
How do i get to D? If I came to C from D.
My go back funtion is more static.
Is there a way to make it dynamic?

You can make the button subtract 1 from the number if number is greater than 1, that could work for you. That allows you to make it more dynamic.

Set C to a custom state of ‘3’ when coming from three. Set C to a custom state of 1 when coming from one.

Then add a conditional statement when you click back. If C’s ‘from’ is 3 show 3 if C’s from is 1 show 1. Or better is to set another custom state on an element and make 1 or 3 visible if the state matches the element.

Hope that makes sense.

I haven’t tried this

Set a state called back - type is up to you - it’s a list.
When a user ‘activates’ a group, log that in back by adding to the list.
Set each group to have conditional visibility based on the order of the list.

This only shows visibility logic.
Instead of back I use Current Stage.

I appreciate your response. Its kind of hard for me to figure out my way around the logic you mentioned. I will try and implement it though.

I will try and implement it. Thanks alot.

Thank you. Will give it a shot.

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Yeah I got it. Thanks alot. Finally after days of attempt.

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