Back Button in a Native app

Back button functionality in a Native app.

So I am trying to think of how a back button or go to previous page button would work in my Native App. This is giving me a problem. Would installing an icon or element on each page be clumsy or is there a way to make it more dynamic? If someone has already done this I would really appreciate the help. I am at about an intermediate level so I can understand at least the basics.
Thanks Josh

It largely depends on your app’s structure, how users navigate and how you show/hide different pages/screens. If you’re developing a single page application, you can follow one of these paths:

  • Use URL parameters that are updated. This enables you to have “navigation” within the application (ie where the go back button would have effect). However, using URL parameters may not be ideal if you plan on packaging as an iOS or Android app. But OK if it is a web app on mobile.
  • Have certain “navigation” events update primary states in the application. (Ie. if they are currently on “Search” but then click on “My Account” from a hamburger menu, that updates a state that records the previous screen’s value (“Search”). Then, your “back” arrow can reference the state value of “Search” and set the page accordingly.

Dan (creator of LearnTo - 15+ hours of Bubble tutorials and live coaching)

This suggestion was great, thanks. And It worked. But what happens when the navigation requires hitting the back button more than once?

I agree with Dan, in my app I used the first bullet point method he mentioned and it works great. @dan1 I am just curious why you suggest using URL parameters is not ideal in a packaged iOS or Android app? My app is packaged/wrapped and the back button is working fine.


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