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GO.js integration or use

Hi, has anybody used GO.js or anything similar in a Bubble app? I’m looking to create an app that would be based on something like the example here :

I understand that GO requires a bit of programming knowledge, but if there was a way or example of doing something like this with bubble i’\d love to know. Thanks

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Let’s brainstorm about how to bring this to Bubble via plugin. I can see many, many uses for this. I’m guessing it would have to be a sponsored feature.

Looks fun!

Good idea. I think the interaction with Bubble would be shaped by the types of uses, so specific examples will help.

One downside, the developer license is kind of expensive, on the upside they offer free educational and discounted startup licenses.

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Yes, I strongly believe that this would have lots of implications, even simplified usage-schematics, joining moveable items etc.

I’ll keep looking to see if there are any free or cheaper alternatives out there. :wink:

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