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Go to Previous Page and Back Browser Button

Is there any difference at all in clicking a go to previous page action and clicking the back button on the browser? Is there a cache issue or anything like that?

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Sometimes when I use the back action from Bubble (Safari), the page goes back but it’s numb, while a thin slow blue loading bar goes on…most of the time I need to refresh.

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Since it’s a technical question, I think only the Bubble team can clarify this

It should do the same thing. Behind the scene, it does


Indeed, the issue happens with both back options. In my desktop, it happens in Safari (Chrome worked), but in my Surface 2 it happened in Chrome (Windows 10): after clicking “back”, the page loads, but while the thin blue bar slowly loads, nothing works, even navigation workflows.

Just to remember that Edge still won’t login in any Bubble app (the cookies enable error message)

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Is there a fix for this anytime in the near future? This definitely happens in Safari for me as well for my own app. In addition, I tested Workwithtribe, which is one of Bubble’s example apps in Safari and it actually contains the same bug. Seems like this is something that we can’t fix without bubble’s technical help.

Thanks for all the help.

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