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Internal Bubble loading bar - showing up in strange scenario

Hey everyone, I will try my best to explain the issue here - not sure why this loading bar is appearing?

  • I have a repeating group with content on my homepage

  • The content gets clicked and a redirect to a new page is opened (content gets sent to the new page) - I send the data “Current cells Post” (no additional parameters) That all works fine - the browser loading bar loads quick.

  • But then when I click “back” (using the browsers back button) - I go back to my original homepage - once again the browser loading bar whips by real quickly but the internal Bubble loading bar starts loading (fairly slowly actually) - I am not sure why this is??

Anybody have any ideas as to what this might be caused by? - I’ve check conditions/data sources etc…
This is on a mobile site - (a redirect via desktop index page) - I send data to the second page / no additional parameters - then go back to the first page which causes the issue.

I can avoid the bubble loading bar if I have a button on the second page that sends the Current User back to the first page. But I would rather work with the assumption that many users will use the mobile browsers back button by habit. So I am curious to figure this out

Sorry for such a wildly vague question. :sweat_smile: I can’t seem to figure it out though - maybe someones has had this before… I can’t really put it on the form app because it is all mobile.

We get this every once in a while on our app. Usually, the app is frozen while this is happening and there’s an error somewhere. I can’t replicate it consistently enough to file a bug report, though.

@potentialthings It happens consistently with this scenario though - and I’ve never run into this before… so it must be related directly to this page change.

The strange thing - like I say is: If I create a button to send the current user back to the original page there is no issue… but I’d like for users to be able to use the browsers default back button with the same amount of “smoothness”

I don’t have a solution for you but does it do this on all browsers and/or behave the same on desktop and mobile? I wonder if that will reveal anything?

i have another type of issue related to “back” button. if you click on the “order now” button

Then click on the back button from the browser, then try to click “order now” button again

For me, the page is frozen

There is nothing weird in the console. What is your issue?

@romanmg great thought. And yes - it happens only in my debugger when viewed through a mobile browser.
I am not having the issue with my desktop debugger.

@cm1 I see your issue as well. Do you mind telling me what workflow your “order now” button does?

@emmanuel The reason I pointed that out is because - I viewed my “native app” page, and performed the exact same action (but rather then go to a new page - its just a group change) - and that warning in the console does not display.
It only displays after changing pages in the debugger

Issue is: bubble loading bar is stuck loading once I click “back” on mobile in debugger (Mobile only)

I will keep playing around later though. It may be a flaw in my structuring.

I just tested your website on desktop. There was no issue I can happily say :slight_smile:

But when I click “order now” when I am on your site on my iPhone - I see the loading bar and the page freezes… The same issue I am facing.

Exclusively on mobile - interestingly enough.