Gobal Search Scaling Concerns - RGs, Groupings, Search & Autocorrect

I need to build something akin to a Global Search in my app and I have significant concerns about scaling because I anticipate that a typical user will create about 20,000 records per annum, each with between 3 and 5 fields to be searched. I don’t understand how bubble works well enough to know the best way to proceed so I’m looking for input from those who do understand. @dambusmedia and @NigelG I think that includes you :slight_smile:

Here are the two approaches I’m considering. I have five main Things and users want to search for one via attributes of another. For example, they want to search for a customer by typing a registration plate, or by typing their phone number, or by typing an invoice number, etc.

I believe that amount of data won’t be an issue using the standard bubble search functions, as long as you filter what you’re retrieving well. It’s worth reading through this thread if you’re concerned about scaling: Performance Q&A guide

You almost certainly won’t be able to use the Search & Autocorrect plugin to search through that amount of data. The plugin (like all bubble plugins at the moment) works entirely in the front-end, which means that to search through 20,000 items, the browser will need to retrieve 20,000 items first. I’ve never tested it with that number but would assume it would take forever and maybe crash the browser. If you can filter it first to a more manageable number then you can use the plugin.

Thank you @dambusmedia for the link to the performance thread. I’ve added to my weekend reading. Great point about the plugin - I love it BTW.