Do a search for

I have several questions about bubble’s performance in searches:

  1. How does bubble manage do a search(with small amount of constraints for in large scales? 10k/100k/500k/1mil ?

  2. Anyone that used Algolia search and can say how he preformed?

  3. using fuzzy search on large scale? does it work with @levon Zeroqode?

  4. Does bubble optimise searches in term of - when i search for type A with constraint B on 2 different elements in a page does it search twice?


Hey, @lankri.erez!

About our plugin, potentially it’ll manage to make a search on large scale, but possibly can be a bit slow in considering 1 mln. Since it is Free you can install and test it right away. Just in case, here is a Plugin page: and Live Demo:

Hope this helps!
Zeroqode Team