Good page break (Add custom CSS to group)

I would need to add the CSS style
page-break-inside:avoid; page-break-after:auto
so when user print out a long table, or save it as pdf files, page breaks don’t happen in the middle of a row.

So @emmanuel here the idea : let us add custom CSS on Group elements.

Could you do this with an HTML element? Letting people write custom CSS is a bit too early for us.

I use to use HTML element for “page-break-after: always” (pdf plugin source) in some cases.
But with table’s rows, I can’t know in advance the lenght of it. So I need to define a section that does not get split. And I can’t open a <div… > with one HTML element and close it later on with another HTML element, so I’m stuck right now.

Someday, hopefully :slight_smile:

Hi NIcolas,

did you ever get a solid soution to the page breaks from eithere bubble or selectPDF


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I don’t have a solution for page break but for custom CSS:

@emmanuel How close are we to being able to add costum CSS in bubble? I Know the Classify Plugin helps in some cases, but just like @nicolas.daprigny, i am struggling with inserting page breaks in a group inside a repeating group. It seems that if i use the Html element with a page break inside, it will not repeat itself on the following cells groups. It only applies to the first cells group.