[Good practices in Bubble] ¿More elements or more workflows?

Greetings community:
I have had this question since the first use of bubble. I will ask short questions for a better understanding. More conditionals and workflow with fewer elements? Or more elements with less conditionals and workflows?
As for performance and good practices, I would like some guidance. Is it a good practice to reuse 1 element destined for 1 function with conditionals and workflows to derive more functions? Or is it more optimal to directly add another element that does that other function?
Another short question: 1 button with 2 conditionals and more workflows? Or 2 buttons without conditionals and minimal workflows?
What uses more resources on the pc? Number of items? Or number of workflows and conditionals?
What I want to get to is which is the best practice (that affects the pc’s performance less, etc). Which is more sophisticated and optimal, for a good practice in the construction with Bubble.

The fewer elements you get, the better performance you get. Elements are much heavier than conditionnal logic or workflows.
Reusable elements are great to use.


Thank for you answer my friend!