Major Issue with Workflows Not Running with Conditionals

I have submitted a bug report. Just wanted to raise awareness to this in case you run into it.

I have been struggling this morning with an application-breaking bug on Bubble. I have never run into this issue before but it has suddenly popped up.

I have two workflows setup on a button that have conditions on them to choose which one to run.

Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 11.49.15 AM

However, Bubble is currently running neither if both of these workflows exist. It’s like it isn’t able to choose between the conditionals correctly. It will simply timeout with an error saying “too many events triggered at the same time”. But if I look at the debugger when I click the button, it doesn’t show a single event firing, the browser loader just inches along slowly though.

Now here’s the funny thing, if I delete one of those workflows that you see above. And leave the other as is. It will run perfectly fine. There is some kind of issue happening with validating which workflow to run.

Please let me know if you test this and run into any similar issues!

Usually for this kind of thing I create 2 different buttons with individual workflows, and each one has the conditional logic in the button for the “is visible” property. I find it easier to make this work this way.

I’m worried this a larger issue with conditionals. I use them all the time with workflows. Duplicating elements might be a workaround, but doesn’t seem like the cleanest way to do it.

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I’m curious if this has something to do this with ongoing issue: Page data not updating - #57 by gaimed

Since you mentioned you have never run into this issue before

Like it can’t evaluate either one of those since realtime is apparently BROKEN right now.


I agree, but in the end I find it easier and faster, and havent ever noticed real problems with it.

I actually saw that topic and was wondering the same thing. The only thing is apparently that’s fixed and my issue continues…

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I know that what I am going to say does not solve the issue, but it may be a solution for your case.

I never liked to use this type of condition.

What I do is to create a single workflow when I click a button and, in this workflow, trigger diferent events based on specific conditions. I also found this is faster then use the conditions directly in the button click event.

Yah, I actually tried this first because that’s also how I prefer to do it. That actually comes up with the same issue. The workflow doesn’t run. Which is why I initially split it out into 2 workflows.

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Wow :thinking:
Sorry to hear about it.
Lot of bugs appearing since last weeks :zipper_mouth_face:

The issue looks similar to that in the following topic, with a couple of solutions - my preferred is to detach one of them from the button event with a schedule custom event

Why does your condition point to a multidropdown’s state? Is it supposed to point to the multidropdown’s value?

Are your conditions setup wrong and both workflows are trying to run which then causes a timeout error. Which might explain why when one event is deleted, it works.

@ihsanzainal84 , I don’t know if this make sense. Or I didn’t understand what you said :sweat_smile:

His dropdown’s state should be “contact” or “list”, so I don’t know how this may cause Bubble trying to play both workflow at the same time. And if the state is not “contact” or “list”, the workflow should no be played…

What I think is that something inside the workflow may be causing some kind of conflict…. That’s explain why deleting one workflow solve the problem.

I’m just curious as to what is in the image. OP’s element naming does look like the condition is pointing to a state. Is there perhaps other workflows that might be causing errors instead?

Is the corresponding button inside a table element?

Happened to us yesterday, a simple data modify operation was not working consistently, even seemed to be working, but was not working and was triggering a successful alert.

In the logs, we could see an error occurred message. We got rid of the table element and everything continued to work correctly. We decided not to use the table element before the stable version. Keep up the RGs.

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Did you find any issues or make any updates that fixed this? That’s the exact error message I’m getting.

Image is just showing the two workflows that should be either/or based on the multidropdown state. The state gets set fine, but the workflows aren’t running correctly.

I talked with Bubble chat for a while and the result of all that was basically that even though the one workflow isn’t set to run, it still uses a lot of bandwidth just to run the conditional.

Seems similar to the issue Redvivi had with their app App eating all CPU and memory! - #11 by tylerboodman

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