Googe verification - CASA Tier 2 - Scan the bubble app's code

Hello everyone, I need assistance with a specific topic: we are undergoing a Google verification process known as Casa Tier 2 Process. As part of this, Google requires scanning our app’s code. I’m wondering if anyone knows how to accomplish this, particularly if we are using a no-code platform like Bubble.

I greatly appreciate any insights or help from the amazing Bubble community. Thank you.

Check this documentation provided by Google, they speak about this process, maybe you’ll have a better understanding or requirements than me : CASA Tier 2 procedures

We are about to go through this same process, so any guidance from the community would be helpful.

Hello Jason, nice to see we’re some of us to get through this “painful” process of Google, did you received any guidance by your own ?

I will update this post soon as I get some advices or guidances

Were you guys able to get through this and get approved?

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