Help Please (2FA)


Today I set up 2 factor authentication for my Bubble account but when I enter the code currently shown in Google Authenticator it shows me this error.

Any help?

Hi @emmanuel can you help?

Anyone else having this issue?

If you’re locked out of your bubble account, send an email to [email protected]
Or check on their help page

Or are you asking for configuration advice?

I sent them an email but still not herad back, also I can access to my account on my computer but if I sign out I won’t be able to sign back in. What’s happening is that I setup 2FA for my account today but when I use the code provided in google authenticator it says I didn’t set up 2FA…

That browser session is like the olympic flame, got to keep it burning!

Which docs for 2FA are you following?

You’d need to do the security settings on google, I recommend practicing on a non-critical login so you can learn by mistakes.
Edit - the above doesn’t apply

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I’m basically using the Bubble 2FA…

The first screenshot with the error makes it seem like something went wrong, it might be worth disabling 2FA until support looks into it.

Good luck!

Yep, but the problem is I can’t even disable 2FA it asks for a token in google authenticator but it doesn’t accept it :pensive:

Catch 22 … yikes!

Did you follow the steps on the link given before 2FA was setup? My link goes to …

The other link was to Authy…

Can you login on another browser with those codes from the generator?

Yep I looked at the link you provided and I can’t connect Authy to my Bubble account because Bubble thinks I already connected with google authenticator…

Also I can’t log in to oter computers it shows the same error

How did you go for step 6 on the google page?

  1. To verify it’s working, get a code from your Authenticator app. Enter it in your settings.
    If your code is correct, you’ll see a confirmation.

If your code is incorrect, try again. If you’re still having trouble, you might want to verify that the time on your device is correct or read about common issues. (they give links here)

At least your session should remain even if you put the computer to sleep.

Isn’t that for Google accounts?

Hmmm, what did you do on this step, where it asks you to use Google authenticator or Authy?

I scanned that QR code with Google Authenticator and entered the code that was shown. After that it said 2FA has been activated and recommended me to generate backup codes but when I tried to do that it gave the error in the first screenshot

Okay you’ve installed Google Authenticator, so you should be able to follow step 6 on the setup doc for it … (same link as before)

You’ve probably tried already … can you login with 2FA on another browser?

Nope :pensive: What bugs me most is that I still don’t have an answer from the support team