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Google Analytics plugin by Bubble

Hi, I’ve correctly (i guess ? ) add the plugin and the required info , but i don’t have any information available on Google Analytics.

Does anyone use the plugin made by Bubble ? Is it working lik it should ? If yes, do you have a tutorial for me to check if I didn’t forget a step ?

Thanks a lot

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Hi there @melu,

The plugin by Bubble might be outdated and asking for information available on the previous version of google analytics.

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not sure what you are exactly want to do, but you can use Google Analytics without any plug-in.

I bet you use the Google Tag manager. While you configure it in Google Analytics they give you a snippet you can enter.

Just like this:

Enter it in the settings section (SEO / metatags).

Ready to go.

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Hi Johnny, I think you might be right :slight_smile:

Hi Sarah, Thanks a lot, i’ve seen this script but I wasn’t sure it was possible to use it directly on Bubble, I try it right now ! :star_struck: