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Host Bubble Project with Google Analytics

Hi all!
Is it possible to host a Bubble Project and collect Google Analytics Data from User Inputs?
I would like to send out a link where people can interact with my project. Afterwards I would like to analyze their behaviour basend on Google Analytics.

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It is very easy to add Google Analytics to Bubble. There are multiple plugins available, free and commercial.

Self promotion - this is my plugin - it’s for an advanced use case of Single Page apps. But if you watch the videos, on GA setup and read the best practices you can apply that to any of the Google Analytics plugins.

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Thanks for the quick reply!
How do I host my app/single page then? Is it possible to share a bubble link and send it to users?

Sounds like you are just getting started with Bubble? There are some great learning resources here Academy | Bubble -watch a few videos and have a play with the tool!

Thanks! I only have one question left. How can I use Google Tag Manager?

GTM is added as easily as GA in Bubble - there are plugins and tutorials to help with this.

This youtube channel is excellent for learning