Google Analytics report via Bubble API connector

I am very possibly missing something obvious when trying to consume Google analytics report data by the API connector. If anybody could push me in the right direction

Stuff that’s works:

Postman is all good:

OAuth 2.0 Playground is all good

now i think ive set this up correctly

but i get a nope…

do i need to add something to the header

please disregard … i solved it myself. spent days working on it… post in the forum then realise my mistake. i need more stamina before asking for help

Can you share your mistake so that others can learn?


To the fledgling API’ers out there…this is what i was stumped with…

When you enter all the mandatory information into the API connector…I misunderstood the section below circled in green. I have presumed foolishly after meticulously reviewing all the documentation that I needed to create some form of workflow action when i logged in using the existing process but could not see how this API was actioned /called.

this was my error as its not shown or exposed. Instead do the following

Create a button or when ever…

Create a workflow

You will then see the API you created

and select signup/login with social network

Select it.

Now preview the page (make sure you have “in my case” saved the page url in the callback section of the google api console.

you should “if all is correct” get a confirmation message

Then go back to the API connector and Voilà you should see

@emmanuel to assist others who might find themselves reading this and myself . i have checked the (this API uses the refresh token mechanism) but every 60 minutes my API fails and i need to follow this process again. Have i missed something?


We do not refresh tokens in edit mode, because we really only need to be authenticated when the user is initializing calls, which is why you’re seeing this. This is normal.



Thanks for posting this! I’ve set up the Google Analytics report via Bubble API connector exactly the same way you have (Except I’m user the User profile endpoint, but every time I go through the Google OAuth step as a user, it logs me out of my existing Bubble account and creates a new (blank) user.

Has this happened to you? If so, what did you do about it?

I would say “generally speaking” when you post stating an issue … without access to your app so people can take a peak it’s impossible to diagnose.

Try blockspring it’s bullet proof although there is a minimal recurring fee for the service it’s worth a look if you need something working

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