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Google and Accessibility

If you follow Matt Cutts (the guy who inspires the google algorithm), Bubble properties won’t ever rank as well as they could without clean accessibility code. My fear is that Google will sooner, rather than later, have the same reckoning with accessibility as it did with mobile a year ago.

The tooltips were an awesome start. There are some workarounds that might be harder though. Even if it takes some time for Bubble to implement, I’d like to have an answer ready for a client before he/she asks. They won’t expect it to be ready right away and will allow me to bill more hours for your hard work (Long Live Bubble :fist: ). Anyone else here make easy money from clients during the Mobilegeddon?

I didn’t research if all accessibility readers are built the same or adhere to a single standard, but I found this and it has an API. It seems like something everyone could use, like the email validator.


Would something like this be possible?

Just like we can see how something renders on a mobile device, might we be able to see how it renders for the impaired?