Bubble and Web Accessibility Standards

How does Bubble deal with Screen readers, tabbing between inputs/buttons/elements, and other standards of Web Accessibility?

I haven’t tested this much (only tabbing on forms) but it’s something I’d like to know more about.


Hi, I’m interested in accessibility too. I’d like to add text describing an image for screen readers to pick up. I’m not sure whether a screen reader would pick up the title and/or description you can add to an image for SEO purposes. Has anyone done this?


I’m super interested, too. To me this is part of a bigger question about whether Bubble is a platform for testing MVPs and building small hobby projects or if it is ready for web applications that scale to thousands of users.

Something like 1.4% of internet users in the US rely on screen readers, and for websites in some industries and markets meeting accessibility standards is a legal matter.