Google API Keys: saving user's location doesn't work since domain change

Hi team,

Been banging my head against the Google API wall. May be something obvious.

I set up the 5 location APIs on my Google account and the action to capture it:

It was working flawlessly.

I then upgraded my Bubble plan and moved the app to my own domain, and on my Google account I expanded the Client key’s application restrictions to allow interaction with the new domain:

Since then, the location isn’t captured in the database anymore.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I could try? Any thoughts at all appreciated…

Did you test it by setting the Key Restrictions to “None”?

Bubble’s Geocoding is done on the server side. The key you use on the server side can not have any restrictions because the request will not be coming from the url you whitelist in your Google Cloud Console.

Thanks for the reply @shawnmi6!

The server API never had any restrictions. Changing the client API restrictions from ‘HTTP referrers’ to ‘none’ did the job (yay), but doesn’t that mean I’m leaving my users’ data in a vulnerable place? Is there another way to protect it?

The data gets captured and stored into your database, so security of data shouldn’t be a issue.

Brilliant, all set then?!

Thanks so much for taking the time to help!

Not a problem. Good luck with your project.

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