Saving Map Center Address on Geographic Address

Hello everyone…

I’m using the map on Bubble (with Google API) and I’m trying to save the Map Center Address on a Geographic Address Field and It’s impossible.
Either it goes blank or I get an error

Google API

I’m really stuck here…
Anyone any idea why is this happening?


Do you have your API keys entered in the Settings → General section? If so, make sure in your google cloud console that you have the restrictions set correctly for it to be accessed from your bubble site.


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yes I have

I have done this base on this Tutorial

Did I do anything wrong?

I think you need to use a server side key. Look at the response on this stack overflow post:

I have both of them

In the “General services API keys” section, copy and paste the Server key into the “Google Geocode API key” box, and the Client key into the “Google Map API key” box. You should now be all set up.

this is from bubble docs

I think that I have already done this…
the problem is that it doesn’t store the data in the Bubble…
It doesn’t store like current users logged in but like you are not logged in… when I refresh the page everything vanished and the database is not stored.

Based on the error I would say the wrong key is used or the restrictions are wrong. If you actually ever do get data back though then it should save if a Make changes to thing workflow is run.

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I think it works… I did the Client and Server like the Bubble tutorial… In the previous tutorial one, the Client and Server was reversed in the General Services API Keys

And I haven’t set the API in the Server

Thanks for your help @williamtisdale (for the second time) :smiley:

I really appreciate it.

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