Google Authentication Plugin URI mismatch

Im using bubble pluign to authenticate google singup/login, it used to work just fine in test mode, now that is live, it doesnt. We have everything ready and approved on google’s cloud side. My login page is /login and redirect is /explore

Make sure you go into the plugin settings and check the box that says something about opening the redirect URI (forgot what it was specifically as I haven’t used the Google auth plugin in a minue).

yep, its already set that way :confused:

Try to inspect the url when you click on the login social. You should be able to find the redirect url sent by Bubble. Be sure to add it to Google Cloud Console

Its not possible, it just keeps loading forever, and if go to next step it redirects me to that URI mismatch page…

Inspect the url where you are redirected. Not before. When you click on the signup login with google button, Bubbl will send you to the authorize url. This is the url you need to inspect. It may be before the error page (if you are redirected again). Sometimes it’s hard to catch, so you may need to use browser console/network

yes the last one. You have the redirect url. You can use to decore the url and make sur this is what you have in Google Cloud console

Not all of that, just hte part that is after redirect_url= and before the next &

No. Just this

In google cloud console redirect url
Make sure to add it to the correct client ID key

It could take a few minute to propagate

i already had that…

third line

Make sure you don’t have any space (example at the end) or typo.
And that it’s under the correct Client ID

Try to delete and add it back

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I will try that… should i leave only that URI and delete all?

You can delete everything

Even version-test will use the same redirect url (the generic one by Bubble)

It worked! But…
Error from Google: invalid_client

Did you get to the consent screen? Also, it could be related to project vs product name. Make sure client ID in Bubble is the correct one

Just did a test with your app and the error is when you are back to Bubble. Can you share API connector auth section?

Thank you for your time @Jici
It was a wrong API keys error sent by my client


@Jici is the boss of API Connector. Deserves a damn title IMO. :slight_smile:
** even though this isn’t directly connected to API Connector, same principals :stuck_out_tongue:


Shame on bubble/google for not displaying/debugging a proper error code