Google calendar in bubble calendar

Hey guys,

I am trying to show all my google calandar event in the Bubble calendar. I am using the plugin Google calendar to connect my google account to Bubbles. When I complete the form of the Bubble calender , there is field “strat time field” that has no option (see picture below). And I don’t know what to put there since it’s seems to be mandatory. So i bubble calendar do not show anaything at all.

Can you please help me on this


Hey @Joseph.o Im trying to get my calendar to work. Any chance you could share with me a “view only” mode of the programming for this page?

If not, no problem. Just wanted to ask.

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hey @topherwilliams,

Sorry to answer so late. I kind of stoped using the plugin , but I started again today to try to make it work for my app. Hope it will work this time. :wink:

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