Calendar All day field isn't working

I want to use “all day” field in calendar object.

  • My “Start Date” field’s type is date
  • My “End Date” field’s type is date
  • I also have a field “y/n” labeled “AllDayField”

I don’t understand how to handle it. I connected the “allday”-field from the calendar object to my database-field.

I dont really need the time for an event in my application - only the date is neccessary.
If I insert a new record now, I have to insert date with time. e.g.:

start date: Dec 21, 2023 1:00 am
end date: Dec 22, 2023 11:59 pm
AllDayField: “y”

If I take a look on the calendar, there’s a timeline now beginning on Dec.21, ending on Dec.21… (!!) (??)
This is not what I want to earn. I want to see on both days the event timeline (21.+22.).

Tried a lot, but without success.

please help!

The above are great resources to learn dates logic in Bubble. I have found that grinding through and understanding how things work with date will be worth one’s while going forward especially with apps that use calendars.

Hope they help :smiley:

Yes, studied it but I dont know how to handle it.
Please help. - Thiss shouldn’t be so complicated.

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